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Over the last decade The Ashlar Company has grown from a small one man operation into the worlds leading manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of Masonic rings and regalia. Since day one, we have been staffed exclusively by brothers, mostly past masters. We provide a steady stream of work for brethren that manufacture Masonic goods all over the world. Orphans and widows repeatedly turn to us for honest, objective advice on what to do with rings and regalia left to them by loved ones.

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At our peak, we carried over 10,000 unique products but have since cut that number down through a long evaluation process taking class, quality and demand into consideration. Today we focus primarily on Masonic rings, car emblems, artwork and lapel pins. Unfortunately many of our exclusive designs have been poorly reproduced by counterfeiters and now litter the internet on faceless websites. We repeatedly get calls from defrauded brothers upset that an item broke almost immediately only to have to tell them that they were the unfortunate recipient of a Chinese counterfeit sold by another website unrelated to us.

In terms of manpower we still remain a relatively small company and because we refuse to contract out work that could provide a job for a fellow brother, we do not use call centers, drop shippers or any of those types of services that you so frequently see on thin shell companies based out of China or Pakistan. The trade off for this is that some days there is simply no one in the office and sometimes it may take us a day or two to return your phone call. But worry not, we have advanced computer systems and databases to prevent things from falling through the cracks and we will always make our best efforts to bring you the best service possible.

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