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Design Your Own Custom Masonic Rings

I am a Freemason (F&AM or AF&AM)

So you're a traveling man...

Fortunately you have come to the right place. The Ashlar Company was built to benefit the fraternity rather than profit off it. Over a decade ago we had number of guys in our lodge that were in need of work and then one brother who was generous enough to finance the startup of the operation. The rest is history. Today we employ masons all over the world wether it be as part of our supply chain, customer service, warehouse operations, photography or pretty much anything else we can think of to give a brother a job. Since we are based out of the United States we are of course an equal opportunity employer and do not discriminate on any basis or against any protected class however working for us does require what we refer to as specialized product knowledge which generally equates to either someone being a legitimate freemason or having a degree in masonic studies from a major university (yes that does exist!!!). Unfortunately we have yet to have anyone with such a degree apply for a job here but we are hoping one day, as it would certainly be an interesting addition to our staff. As it stands now, since our inception, we have been exclusively owned and operated by regularly recognized freemasons (mostly past masters).

If you just became a mason recently...

Give us a call or shoot us an email. Some guys will buy a ring with an emblem on it because they think it looks cool, not realizing there there is often a little more to it than that.


We do not, nor will we in the future have a printed catalog, sorry. Our products, prices (tied to the gold market) change too often for that. Not to mention catalogs are very expensive to produce and it's the brothers that buy from us that ultimately end up footing the bill for that in higher product prices.

We operate a little differently...

We don't have a walk in store, we don't have regular office hours and we don't always answer the phone (because we are away from it). However, keep in mind, we will always return your calls (or at least try to, every once in a while we get repeated messages from people with full voicemail boxes in which case sometimes we try texting them). We DO manufacture and inventory most of our own products, we do NOT dropship (with VERY FEW exceptions and only because double shipping would make them unaffordable).

Guard the west gate...

In the last 3 years we have seen an enormous uptick in online operations running out China and Pakistan using UK or US addresses. We aren't going to make a list here but needless to say, if you can't talk to a brother over the phone (and you'll know if they are a brother) then it's probably only of those types of stores. There are also a number of online jewelry companies that have found a market for masonic rings and have counterfeited many of our designs. These are easy to spot because they sell all sorts of jewelry, not just masonic jewelry. Worst yet, there is at least one LARGE retailer that exists to fund an organization of co-masons systematically trying to penetrate mainstream masonry and using their revenues to finance that attempt. Ask the person you talk to if they are a affiliated with the comasons and see what they say.

Please be kind...

Not very often, but every once in a while, we get a phone call, letter or email that is absolutely appalling to us as Freemasons and are shocked that one brother would talk to another brother in such a manner. Profits aren't our priority. Customer service is a priority. Being a brother is our highest priority. If you have a grievance, please don't fly off the handle, we'll always make it right. Honey gets you a LOT further with us than the stick and no, the customer is not always right however WE are always polite. 1-800-357-6502

The worst thing you can do...

Becase we are all in the same brotherhood and because we go to great lengths to help out brothers in every capacity that we can, we have little to no tolerance for credit card chargebacks. Doing so WILL get your name circulated among the masonic community of legitimate retailers. Just talk to us if you are unhappy with something, we've never turned away a reasonable request. 1-800-357-6502

Just a side note...

Masonry has been on the decline in the US for decades because of the slow die-off of the WWII crowd that inflated it to it's peak numbers. A small lodge is not a bad thing, be careful who you let in and if you get a bad feeling about someone, you know what to do. Being a brother is a privilege, not a right.

If you are a mason and not a shriner...

We don't like to push our opinions on people but the shriners need membership. You have to be a brother to join the shrine. Your first duty is to your blue lodge but if you can afford it (it's pretty cheap), look into your local shrine and think about joining. They need the numbers, they are probably the largest profile face of freemasonry and the work they do with the cost-free children's hospitals is unparalleled. Give them as much support as you can; We do.

Help Wanted

We are always looking for brothers to provide various services and have found that tasks even as simple as designing a new square and compass graphic requires too much specialized knowledge to write up an entire specification of requirements for the profane. Please contact us if you have a skillset or manufacture a product that you think could benefit us. Please no SEO inquiries or web development inquires, we have that covered. Graphics designers are in demand. We don't pay a lot because we don't make a lot (none of use drive mercedes and are getting rich off this). As our motto has always been and always will be.... For the good of the craft.
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