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About Us

The Ashlar Company was started in 2009 by a small group of San Diego Freemasons that wanted to stop the price gouging that was going on with the online retailers. As passing time took it's toll on the fraternities overall membership numbers, retailers and manufacturers slowly went out of business unable to cater to the shrinking market.

Ashlar's sincerity, plain dealing and genuine concern for the well-being of the craft has single handedly forced an almost 50% reduction in the price of masonic rings sold online. Some of the less scrupulous retailers have since gone out of business, unable to continue ripping off unsuspecting brethren. Today only a handful of legitimate retailers exist and unfortunately much of the void has been filled by shell companies shipping counterfeit goods out of China. Illegitimate organizations such as the co-masons have also sought out online retail as a means to boost their visibility and profits. We highly recommend you avoid sending any business to China, the Comasons or other unrecognized, illegitimate groups.

Unlike so many others, The Ashlar Company prefers to deal exclusively with other masons for our supply chain and many of our products are actually manufactured by other brethren. Your continued support provides jobs for brother masons all over the United States.

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Remember, if you don't see the Ashlar "A", it's not authentic.
By Brothers, For Brothers & always For the good of the craft...

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