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Design Your Own Custom Masonic Rings

Your Guide to Buying a Masonic Ring


Do make sure you know the exact ring size of the person wearing the ring. While precious metal rings can be resized, it can in some cases be costly and will always weaken the structural integrity of the ring.

Do choose symbols that you are familiar with and understand what they represent.

Do purchase from companies based in the United States that have a phone number where you can speak to an actual freemason.

Do allow a minimum of one month for any ring made of gold or silver to be manufactured. Each ring is designed and cast in your exact size so it does not have to resized later and will last a long time.

Do call or email us and ask if you have a question about a custom product. Custom rings cannot be returned so eliminate any uncertainty before you begin the buying process.

Do treat your ring with care, fine jewelry is exactly that, fine jewelry. If you bang it against a brick wall or frequently do labor intensive activies wearing it, it WILL get damaged.

Do get sterling silver or white gold for a silver colored ring and get solid gold for a gold colored ring. Although we offer gold plating a variety of other finished, they will wear quickly if worn daily.

Do call or email us if you have not heard anything and would like an update on your order. We generally have two or three milestones for each order and can with some degree of accuracy loosely predict when something will be finished once it is far enough along in the manufacturing process.

Do buy something made of "Sterling Silver", "10k Gold", "14k Gold", or "18k Gold". Don't be tricked by very similar names that have little to no precious metal in them but have a name that makes it sound like it does.


Don't guess at your ring size or use "online ring sizers" that you print out or use a string. They will rarely give you a good fit.

Don't use symbols unless you know exactly what they represent. You might like the way a symbol looks but it may represent an order that you are not a member of. Because custom rings are not returnable, you will be stuck with something you cannot wear or have to pay to have it modified.

Don't use symbols for orders that plan on joining in the future but have not yet as you may find yourself unable or unwanting to join them and thus unable to wear that ring.

Don't deal with companies that are not run by actual masons as they are often counterfeiters or Chinese mail order operations.

Don't deal with companies where everything is on sale all the time. They are just trying to trick you.

Don't buy from companies that use computer generated renderings of rings, if you can't see a picture of the actual ring or the same style ring but with different pictures, don't deal with them.

Don't expect to get your ring in a hurry, ALL gold and sterling silver rings are made to order. Unless you get lucky and slip in right as a production cycle is starting, it will rarely take less than 30 days. Rings made of "precious metal" that you get in a matter of days are often mass product junk made in China and frequently not even of proper metal purity standards.

Don't deal with companies that dropship from China or anywhere else outside the United States. We get frequently calls from people wanting to know where their products are only to have to tell them that they got tricked by a fake website that stole our photos, and your money, and didn't actually do any business with us at all. Counterfeiting companies won't be delivering you anything because their shipments are seized by US customs and border patrol as they enter the country.

Don't expect any ring with a plated or oxidized finish to fail to wear off over time. The rate at which gold plating wears off will vary from person to person and ring to ring but it will ALWAYS wear off eventually. No warranty covers the natural wearing off of metal plating or oxidized finished.

Don't expect play by play updates on the progress of your ring. Companies that claim to keep you posted "Every step of the way" actually just use a general timeline and computer automation to give the illusion of transparency.

Don't buy products from companies that support psuedo-masonic organizations. You see "Masonic Rings for Women" or regalia for "Co-Masons" or "Universal-Masonry" don't support them. They are almost always nothing more than fronts for profit oriented fraudlent groups that regularly recognized freemasons are no allowed to have participation in.

Don't buy products with made up metal names that are "trademarked" like "Saladium" or "Silverium" or "Goldium". These are nonsense words made to sound like precious metals when they are nothing more than dirt cheap alloys that have no value at all.

Don't buy a Masonic ring from a company that doesn't specialize in Masonic rings. They won't deliver the service, value or understanding that you will get from a brother.
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