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Generally speaking, most apparel is not returnable either by law or per our policies. If you are unsure about your size, please inquire prior to ordering because products in this category may not be returned. The traditional neck tie for wear in a stated meeting or other Masonic function is simply a plain black tie. These ties are great for special events or less formal occasions where a straight black tie is not required. Pages: 7 Items: 66 Showing: 1 - 10
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Blue Square & Compass Wave Tie 358584 $19.95
Maroon Scottish Rite Tie 358548 $29.95
Dark Blue Silk Masonic Tie 358576 $29.95
Blue Square & Compass Circle Tie 358550 $19.95
Royal Blue / Gold Square & Compass Tie 358558 $29.95
Masonic Tie 358577 $19.95
Masonic Tie 358581 $19.95
Symbols Silk Shadow Tie 358606 $39.95
Black Square & Compass Zipper Tie 358560 $29.95
Blue Square & Compass Box Tie 358596 $19.95
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