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Masonic Myths

Clearing up common misconceptions about Freemasonry
myth [mith] noun
1. any invented story, idea, or concept.
2. an imaginary or fictitious thing or person.
3. an unproved or false collective belief.

The Freemasons are invitation only.


Freemasonry is a religion.


Women can join a regular masonic lodge.


The Freemasons can help me get my life going in the right direction.


I need to be wealthy and powerful to become a Freemason.


I can just write a check and become a Freemason.


Becoming a Freemason will help my military career and get me perks.


The Freemasons want to create a new world order and one world government.


Freemasons worship the devil.


The Freemasons is a networking organization.


'The Craft' is a pagan, witchcraft or wiccan reference.


Freemasonry is a cult.


Initiates are hazed and abused.


It is ok for a non-mason to represent themselves as a freemason.


The founding fathers were all freemasons.

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