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Masonic Military

The Fraternity of Freemasons hit one of it's peak points in membership during the post-WWII period when hundreds of thousands of men returned from the battlefields. Those men having gone through so much together in tight knit units again yearned for the camaraderie they felt among their brothers in arms. With no enemy to fight, with no war to wage, those tight knit units loosened as each slowly went his own path in life. For some, if not many, they again found that camaraderie in the Masonic Lodge. It was not uncommon for men who fought together to return to their home town and start a lodge together. Today, Freemasonry is still prominent in the military with many bases and even ships having their own lodges. The Ashlar Company carries a variety of products dedicated to those who serve. Use the links below to easily access them.

Masonic Military Hats

Masonic Military Lapel Pins

Masonic Military Artwork

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