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Design Your Own Custom Masonic Rings
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Design Your Own Royal Ring

Model # 361511Photos are examples of possibilities. You can customize every aspect of this ring.Design Your Own Royal Ring

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Model # 361511 Thumbnail #1 Model # 361511 Thumbnail #2 Model # 361511 Thumbnail #3 Model # 361511 Thumbnail #4 Model # 361511 Thumbnail #5
This is a premium masonic ring. A wearable work of art. This is a large, wide ring. Smooth inside shank.
On average it takes 30-60 days to make this for you. It can in some cases be longer or shorter than that window though.
When you are ready to purchase click below
This is a customizable product, be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the page and configure all of the item options prior to clicking the buy button.
Precious Metal Selection
Important Notes About Ring Finishes
  • The descriptor "White" is used to refer to a silver color without being confused with the metal silver.
  • Sterling silver ring with any kind of finish will at some point need to be refinished as the oxidized finish or plating wears off. The speed at which it wears off depends on a variety of factors. We do not recommend sterling silver any gold plating or oxidation for every day wear.
  • Rhodium plating does not change color when it wears off, it is primarily used when someone has an allergy to silver or one of the other metals used in sterling silver alloy.
Ring Size

The tolerance on ring sizing is +-1/4 of a size. It is critical you choose your correct ring size. There are fees associated with ring resizing once it has been cast. Do not try to size yourself with a string or printed piece of paper, it is not an accurate method.
Border Text Separator
Choose the symbol you want to use to separate sections of text in the border.
Not Applicable / No Preference
Square & Compass With G
Left Symbol
Top Symbol
Right Symbol
Left Side Text
Recessed Areas
Hard enamel may be more prone to crack or chip over time.
Square and Compass is shown for illustration of affected areas only,
and may not appear on your ring.
Add Contrast Antique Style Finish - Recessed areas have a recessed contrast material added to make the symbols pop out more. Add Contrast
Natural Natural Style Finish - Just straight metal with no contrast material in recessed areas. Natural
Black Hard Enamel Hard black enamel in the recessed areas. +$45.00 Black Hard Enamel
Blue Hard Enamel Hard blue enamel in the recessed areas. +$45.00 Blue Hard Enamel
Green Hard Enamel Hard green enamel in the recessed areas. +$45.00 Green Hard Enamel
Red Hard Enamel Hard red enamel in the recessed areas +$45.00 Red Hard Enamel
High Polish Metal is polished to a mirror finish High Polish
Brushed Satin Non-reflective matte finish +$10.00 Brushed Satin
Right Side Text
Symbols Library
If you do not see the symbol you want to use,
simply choose "YOUR CUSTOM SYMBOL" and then email us with a picture or description of the emblem you would like to use.

BLANK - Blank / Smooth BLANKMY-STATE - MY-STATEMY-SYMBOL - MY-SYMBOLE-1 - E-1E-2 - E-2E-3 - E-3E-5 - E-5E-6 - E-6E-7 - E-7E-8 - E-8E-9 - E-9E-13 - E-13E-15 - E-15E-16 - E-16E-17 - E-17E-19 - E-19E-102 - E-102E-1137 - E-1137D-3 - The traditional Square and Compass. D-3E-109 - E-109V-1 - V-1V-2 - V-2D-8 - The 32 in a triangle is for 32nd degree members of the Scottish Rite. D-8D-9 - The Rose Croix emblem is the 18th degree jewel of the Scottish Rite. D-9D-13 - The triangle with a 33 in the center is reserved for 33rd degree members of the Scottish Rite. D-13D-14 - The emblem of the Prince of Jerusalem is one of the symbols used in the scottish rite. D-14D-23 - The Keystone represents membership in the Mark Masons. D-23D-25 - The Triple Tau emblem for members of the Royal Arch. D-25D-35 - The Past High Priest emblem is for members of the royal arch who have lead their chapter. D-35E-55 - E-55E-91 - E-91E-92 - E-92E-96 - E-96E-97 - E-97E-99 - E-99E-106 - E-106E-104 - E-104E-21 - E-21E-22 - E-22E-23 - E-23E-24 - E-24E-25 - E-25E-26 - E-26E-27 - E-27E-28 - E-28E-29 - E-29E-30 - E-30E-38 - E-38E-43 - E-43E-44 - E-44E-62 - E-62E-64 - E-64E-65 - E-65E-73 - E-73E-82 - E-82E-98 - E-98E-105 - E-105D-4 - This variation of the Square and Compass is similar to the traditional version but the square and compass is inside the G instead. D-4D-5 - This variation of the Square and Compass feature the G enlarged with the compass hanging from the bottom of it. D-5D-16 - The Gavel usually symbolized that a member is a Past Master of a blue lodge. D-16D-17 - The emblem of the Top Hat is worn by the Worshipful Master of a blue lodge and typically reserved for use by past masters. D-17D-29 - The skull and crossbones representing mortality in a number of oranizations. D-29V-3 - V-3V-5 - V-5V-9 - V-9V-10 - V-10V-12 - V-12E-216 - E-216E-100 - E-100V-21 - V-21V-22 - V-22V-23 - V-23E-56 - E-56E-93 - E-93E-94 - E-94D-22 - The In Hoc Signo Vinces emblem with the Double Swords and Shield for members of the Knights Templar. D-22D-24 - The Cross and Crown emblems for members of the Knights Templar. D-24V-14 - V-14E-45 - E-45E-46 - E-46V-8 - V-8E-217 - E-217E-10 - E-10E-20 - E-20E-63 - E-63E-89 - E-89D-15 - The Square, Compass, Quandrant and Sun is the traditional emblem of a Past Master but reserved for other uses in a minority of jurisdictions. D-15V-4 - V-4V-11 - V-11E-215 - E-215E-77 - E-77E-79 - E-79E-95 - E-95D-6 - The Double Eagle is the most easily recognized emblem of the Scottish Rite. D-6D-7 - The Yod is a very popular emblem for members of the Scottish Rite who went through the 14th degree. D-7D-10 - The Yod in a triangle above a 32 is for 32nd degree members of the Scottish Rite. D-10D-11 - The double headed eagle with the yod in the center is for 14th degree and higher members of the Scottish Rite. D-11D-12 - Scottish Rite Double Eagle with 32nd Degree emblem in the center D-12E-205 - E-205E-206 - E-206V-15 - V-15V-16 - V-16V-17 - V-17V-18 - V-18E-78 - E-78E-101 - E-101D-18 - The Crescent moon and sword is the primary emblem of the Shriners. D-18D-19 - The Fez is given to every Shriner is likely the most recognizable emblem of the organization. D-19D-20 - The Camel is a long time emblem of the Shriners. D-20D-21 - Exclusively for an invitation only sub organization within the Shriners D-21V-6 - V-6V-7 - V-7V-13 - V-13V-29 - V-29V-30 - V-30V-31 - V-31V-37 - V-37E-11 - E-11E-103 - E-103E-107 - E-107E-108 - E-108E-209 - E-209E-210 - E-210E-213 - E-213E-214 - E-214E-218 - E-218E-219 - E-219E-207 - E-207V-19 - V-19V-20 - V-20V-24 - V-24V-25 - V-25V-26 - V-26V-27 - V-27V-28 - V-28V-32 - V-32V-33 - V-33V-34 - V-34V-35 - V-35V-36 - V-36V-38 - V-38V-39 - V-39V-40 - V-40V-41 - V-41V-42 - V-42V-43 - V-43V-44 - V-44V-45 - V-45V-46 - V-46V-47 - V-47V-48 - V-48V-49 - V-49V-50 - V-50V-51 - V-51V-52 - V-52V-53 - V-53V-54 - V-54V-55 - V-55V-56 - V-56V-57 - V-57V-58 - V-58V-59 - V-59V-60 - V-60V-61 - V-61V-62 - V-62V-63 - V-63V-64 - V-64V-65 - V-65V-66 - V-66V-67 - V-67V-68 - V-68V-69 - V-69V-70 - V-70V-71 - V-71V-72 - V-72V-73 - V-73V-74 - V-74V-75 - V-75V-76 - V-76V-77 - V-77V-78 - V-78V-79 - V-79E-31 - E-31E-35 - E-35E-36 - E-36E-37 - E-37E-40 - E-40E-48 - E-48E-49 - E-49E-54 - E-54E-69 - E-69E-71 - E-71E-74 - E-74E-76 - E-76E-85 - E-85E-86 - E-86E-87 - E-87E-88 - E-88E-90 - E-90E-201 - E-201E-202 - E-202E-203 - E-203E-204 - E-204E-1027 - E-1027E-1051 - E-1051E-1064 - E-1064E-1109 - E-1109E-1257 - E-1257E-1281 - E-1281E-1294 - E-1294E-1301 - E-1301E-208 - E-208E-211 - E-211E-212 - E-212

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