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In the Masonic Emblems category you will find a variety of types of emblems, some of which have multiple uses. Most commonly sought are car emblems which you can use either stickers or molded metal/plastic stick on emblems. Magnetic emblems are available upon request. We have a small selection of extremely high quality challenge coins but do not manufacture custom coins for individual lodges at this time. Iron-on patches can turn any hat, shirt, bag or other textile into an emblem of your order in under five minutes. Conchos are a very specific type of emblem often used in leather working but can be used for a variety of crafts related projects.

Masonic Emblems

Masonic Stamps

Ink, Leather & Metal stamps with a square and compass or side order emblems. Some of these stamps are vintage models that are no longer sold new and are very hard to find.Model # 361487Leather Stamp Model # 361487 Leather Stamp$39.00Model # 361546Square & Compass Stamp Model # 361546 Square & Compass Stamp$29.95Model # 361488Eastern Star Leather Stamp Model # 361488 Eastern Star Leather Stamp$39.00Model # 361464Shriners Stamp Model # 361464 Shriners Stamp$169.95Model # 361460Square & Compass Stamp Model # 361460 Square & Compass Stamp$169.95Model # 361547Square & Compass Stamp Model # 361547 Square & Compass Stamp$29.95Model # 361548Trowel Stamp Model # 361548 Trowel Stamp$29.95Model # 361462Scottish Rite Stamp Model # 361462 Scottish Rite Stamp$169.95Model # 361489Knights Templar Cross Leather Stamp Model # 361489 Knights Templar Cross Leather Stamp$39.00Model # 361463Past Master Stamp Model # 361463 Past Master Stamp$169.95Model # 361466Knights Templar Stamp Model # 361466 Knights Templar Stamp$169.95Model # 361520Square & Compass Starburst Printers Block Model # 361520 Square & Compass Starburst Printers Block$69.00Model # 361523Crafts Co 8372 Square & Compass Leather Stamp Model # 361523 Crafts Co 8372 Square & Compass Leather Stamp$249.00Model # 361549Keystone Stamp Model # 361549 Keystone Stamp$29.95Model # 363823Custom Leather Stamp Model # 363823 Custom Leather Stamp$90.00Model # 361461Yod Stamp Model # 361461 Yod Stamp$169.95
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