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The Ashlar Company is the largest manufacturer, retailer and wholesale of Masonic rings in the world. In fact, many of the rings sold on other websites actually shipped out by us as the drop shipper. We warehouse all of our stainless steel models and make all of our precious metal (gold, silver, platinum) models by hand using ancient techniques. Independent artisans who meet our standards are also featured in our collections. To distribute your line of Masonic rings through us, you need to A) Be a regularly recognized Master Mason in good standing and B) produce a high quality product that you will back with an warranty.

If you do not see a particular ring in any of our collections, it is most likely due to the manufacturer not meeting one of those two qualifications.

Above all else, make sure you get correctly sized before ordering a ring. Unless you are ordering a band, larger size rings will fit best about 1/4 size larger than the common band sizing rings at jewelry stores.
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Almost all of the rings we sell are covered by a full limited warranty against manufacturing defects however you must remember that fine jewelry is fragile. Particularly our gold and silver models. If you wear ANY precious metal jewelry on a daily basis, it will wear. If you hit the face of a stone against something pointy enough (even with just a tiny bit of force) it will crack the stone. If you carry something really heavy with a ring on the same hand, you are likely going to bend the shank. Items like this are not covered by ours or any other jewelry companies warranties and will incur cost if you damage the ring in such a manner. Contact Us About Us Store Policy Privacy Policy Terms of Use Login 970 W Valley Pkwy #709, Escondido, CA 92025 - 1-800-357-6502 - Support@TheAshlarCompany.com

Remember, if you don't see the Ashlar "A", it's not authentic.
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