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Masonic Jewelry

Ring parts and trim pieces

Findings are meant for jewelers to use as spare parts to make or repair rings. These products are generally not for the general public. All items in the findings category are NON-RETURNABLE. It is strongly advised that you do not order these products on your own but rather seek out a qualified jeweler to repair or modify your ring and direct them to this website for them to take the proper measurements and get the proper product. Most findings are of 10k gold but can be made in a variety of metals. You can divide findings into two categories of stones and trim both found in the list of label filters.
Model # 362431
Square & Compass Trim $89.00
Model # 363714
Customizable Stone Square & Compass Antique Stone $69.00
Model # 363711
Customizable Stone Square & Compass Oval Stone $69.00
Model # 362461
Scottish Rite Trim $179.00
Model # 362444
Past Master Trim $119.00
Model # 362315
Blue Square and Compass Oval $109.00
Model # 363713
Customizable Stone Square & Compass Cushion Stone $69.00
Model # 362498
York Rite Trim $59.00
Model # 362319
Square & Compass Trim $49.00
Model # 362305
Blue Square and Compass Cushion $109.00
Model # 362499
York Rite Trim $89.00
Model # 362450
Scottish Rite Trim $99.00
Model # 362491
Mortality Trim $59.00
Model # 362430
Square & Compass Trim $99.00
Model # 363715
Customizable Stone Square & Compass Octagon Stone $69.00
Model # 362321
Square & Compass Trim $89.00
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