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What sets Ashlar artwork apart from the other guys is the fact that we spend hours meticulously restoring and remastering antique art pieces before we reproduce them for your viewing pleasure.

Masonic Artwork

Masonic Postcards

Also all originating from the first half of the 20th century, these post cards are highly collectable, almost impossible to obtain as originals and often were satirical in nature poking fun at freemasonry. Ironically, many of such were designed by Masons themselves. Today many masons scorn them because of the imagery they portray but they are a part of history and quite comical. Their most popular form is blown up in 8.5x11 format for display in homes or lodges.Model # 361438Building the Temple Postcard Model # 361438 Building the Temple Postcard$3.95 $0.95Model # 361447From Darkness to Light Postcard Model # 361447 From Darkness to Light Postcard$3.95Model # 361430Are you a Mason? How old is your Mother Postcard Model # 361430 Are you a Mason? How old is your Mother Postcard$3.95Model # 361498Square & Compass Postcard Model # 361498 Square & Compass Postcard$3.95Model # 361448Let there be Light Postcard Model # 361448 Let there be Light Postcard$3.95Model # 361889Once a Masons, Always a Masons Postcard Model # 361889 Once a Masons, Always a Masons Postcard$3.95Model # 361597Are you a Mason? The Sign From Labour to Refreshment Postcard Model # 361597 Are you a Mason? The Sign From Labour to Refreshment Postcard$3.95Model # 361496Always Love a Mason Postcard Model # 361496 Always Love a Mason Postcard$3.95Model # 361746Freemasonry - Oh What a Time Postcard Model # 361746 Freemasonry - Oh What a Time Postcard$3.95Model # 363840Are you a Mason? The Initiation Postcard Model # 363840 Are you a Mason? The Initiation Postcard$3.95Model # 361866Adam & Eve - Are you a Mason Postcard Model # 361866 Adam & Eve - Are you a Mason Postcard$3.95Model # 361618It's Fine to be a Mason. The Password Postcard Model # 361618 It's Fine to be a Mason. The Password Postcard$3.95Model # 361416Cave Lodge Postcard Model # 361416 Cave Lodge Postcard$3.95Model # 361528Are you a Mason? Same Lodge Postcard Model # 361528 Are you a Mason? Same Lodge Postcard$3.95Model # 362179Are you a Mason? 6 Postcard Set Model # 362179 Are you a Mason? 6 Postcard Set$19.95Model # 361531Are you a Mason? The First Degree Postcard Model # 361531 Are you a Mason? The First Degree Postcard$3.95
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