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Lost and Found

Today we received an email from a very kind woman who happen to find a mans masonic ring and wished to return it. We were impressed by the effort she made to contact several of our local lodges searching for its owner. This level of kindness from someone outside the fraternity caused us to ponder how we could leverage this website to help return such items. As such, today we are opening the worlds first Masonic Lost & Found.

Lost Rings

To claim your ring please email us with
  • Your Name
  • Your Lodge #
  • Your Grand Lodge
  • Approximately where you think you lost the ring

We have also recently received an offer from a nationwide organization of metal detector enthusiasts who have a free service where they will go look for a lost item if you tell the beach, field or area. If they can find it, it will be returned to you. They do it for the thrill of the hunt and its often a better option than nothing. Contact us for their contact info.If the area you state is the area that the ring was reported to come from, we will ship it to your lodge secretary for them to return to you.

Stolen Masonic Rings

The rings below were lost or stolen. Please keep an eye out for them.

Stolen Between 11/20/12-11/25/12 while in transit via USPS
Square and Compass / Skull / Blue Zicon / Gold Plate Symbols / Oxidized Finish
Border Text "Fraternity of Freemasons"
Serial: LFT##

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